We Care. You Matter.

We Care.

You Matter 

Offering personalized senior health care services tailored to your needs. Our quality care is available and provides a very flexible schedule based on the requirements of your loved ones.


Celebrate Raleigh's newest senior care provider called Ideal Choice Senior Concierge Service, the arm of Ideal Choice SeniorCare designed for promoting seniors with healthy carefree living. Our services include, arranging doctors appointments, writing out bills and mailing checks, and establishing online bill pay for our clients using the computer.  We also help seniors who have limited mobility by handling various errands such as grocery shopping, picking up medication, and driving clients to their appointments.  Additionally, we offer in-home care assistance and outsource for light housekeeping, general cleaning and closet organization. Also, we escort clients to their personal activities and events. 

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, licensed, and bonded company. 



About Me. 

Born in Trenton, NJ into a family of 6 children and raised with the love of her immediate family as well as grandparents, aunts and uncles, Olivia was raised by a strong mother and impacted with strong family values through a diverse extended family. She gained a great sense of black pride from her upbringing and as a committed Christian, Olivia believes the work she does with seniors is her outreach in ministry and the answer to the master’s call.

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Educated in Trenton public schools, Olivia left Trenton, New Jersey in her early 20’s.  She was a single mom when she settled in Michigan, where she met and married Bob, her love and friend, Now after 41 years-of-marriage, they enjoy spending time with their adult son Terrence, and their 7 year old granddaughter, Julia.  

Bob and Olivia both enjoyed careers in corporate America and worked for large industry companies like Texas Commerce Bank, General Motors and the IBM Corporation. After spending 30+ years in business, Olivia’s desire to work specifically with seniors was motivated after her mother-in-law became ill in Michigan and she and her husband wanted to participate in her care. 

She completed her Certified Nursing Assistant training in 2015 and spent a couple years traveling between Raleigh, North Carolina and Ypsilanti, Michigan in support of her mother-in-law’s care.  Olivia now works full-time in making sure elderly people feel loved, important and cared for. Her mission is to create a compassionate/caring environment to provide a week-day program which embraces and enhances the lives of seniors.  She plans to do this by creating and establishing herself within the senior care community as a co-laborer among other leaders and professionals striving for the goal of excellent senior care services in the Raleigh community.

Always friendly and outgoing she finds herself intrigued when hearing about the lives of others.  Experiencing their family dynamics, curious to know if; they are happy? And asking what has transpired in their lives to make them different from herself?  She lives her life determined to make things better and easier for others.  She is a good traveler, who really loves getting a feel for the locals, not just the surface touristy stuff. 

Olivia enjoys group activities, games, movies and books which offer great discussions afterwards.  She is a motivator; kind and thoughtful, and one who speaks her truth almost to a fault, but will go the distance to make an impact in the lives of others. She and her team of care givers work diligently in the community to ensure seniors receive excellent care.