Full Overview: Senior Day-Facility by Ideal Choice SeniorCare

Background: Ideal Choice Senior Care is a non-profit organization that was started in 2012 by Olivia Robinson, as a limited liability Company she is a certified licensed Nurses Assistant. Olivia provides passionate care of seniors while helping them cope with age related illnesses. Olivia stays abreast of the constant changes in the Health Care Industry, which is crucial when providing her clients the most up-to-date and state-of-the-arts medical supplies and services. 

She is an advocate for seniors ensuring they receive fair pricing, eligible discounts, and the highest quality health care services available. Her concierge service is designed to meet and exceed their needs, goals and expectations. She clearly understands the importance of eating healthy meals and carefully prepares meals that are nutritional and delicious. 

After five years, Ideal Choice Senior Care has established an aging with grace, person-centered in-home service company enhancing the quality of life of hundreds of seniors throughout the Triangle area. Ideal Choice Senior Care desires to expand its services by making available a senior facility to expand the much needed care of seniors on a consistent basis. The plan is to open and operate a senior day facility, called the Miramare Senior Haven, housed in Raleigh, to service the largest population of gracefully aging seniors comprised in North Carolina. 

Executive Summary: A senior day facility will support and enhance the whole person regardless of health condition, mobility and state of mind. It will be unique in its approach to senior care and can be summed up by the adage “the best for the best” which is my mission in service to the elderly. 

Growing older should be a time of savoring life, like a fine wine, and remembering times past while also creating a meaningful present and future for themselves and for those that their lives touch on a daily basis. The intention to birth this dream is out of sincere belief that: 

  • Seniors should have and enjoy the highest quality of life every day. 

  • Seniors should be in a positive and supportive environment. 

  • Seniors should continue to be active, engaged and living abundantly. 

Mission: The mission of Ideal Choice Senior Care is to establish a facility operating as a person-centered health care support system to those aging with dignity. 

Vision: Seniors will enjoy a caring nurturing approach used for delivering services and programs providing them access to health care professionals geared to specific health needs of the elderly. 

Financial Investment to Support: I am seeking supporters, friends and donors to help me realize this vision. Having a genuine and sincere “heart” for seniors, partners, like-minded individuals, companies and donors are needed to contribute to this cause. To fully realize this project and bring it to fruition my goal is to raise half of the $100,000 needed for leasing of the facility, purchasing needed equipment and funding of operational staffing. Once my financial goal is met, the additional funds will be raised through grants and small business loans. The services that will be offered at the Miramare Senior Haven include: 

  • Bathing in a spa like setting complete with sauna and relaxation room with individual assistance of professionally trained CNA’s extending care with patience and attention to detail (Seniors can arrive in their pajamas and receive a luxurious bath treatment) 

  • We’ll offer flexible enrollment with lunch and snacks served daily by a fun loving staff who will dress in holiday theme attire 

  • Available programs will cover multiple topics tailored to the interests of our participants 

  • In house medical, psychological, hearing and dental visits will be arranged on site 

  • We will differentiate ourselves by brining in Social service representatives weekly for on-site visits, assisting families and answering industry questions regarding caring for the elderly 

  • Seniors input will graciously be considered in the planning of recreational activities and social events offered 

  • We’ll engage senior clients in therapeutic sessions, providing opportunities for socialization and access to expert health and nursing care 

  • Special recognition celebrations will be personalized for the occasion and the specific honoree 

  • A wide range of hobbies, brain teasers and seasonal activities will be scheduled regularly 

Perhaps you have a favorite senior, relative or friend that you would like to donate to the opening of the Miramare Senior Haven in their honor (living) or memory (deceased). Or, perhaps you have been a caregiver for a senior and realize the importance and impact that quality of life has for a senior. It also may be that you just understand the need for opening the Miramare Senior Haven and just want to help by becoming a partner. The suggested levels of support are listed below and of course you can donate any amount you wish to and remember your donations are tax deductible: 

Donation Options – 501(c)3 EIN number 1730362 

  • General Support $ ______Any Amount 

  • Honorary Option $ ______Amount in honor/memory of _______________ 

  • Supporter Option $250.00 basic; $500.00 premium 

  • Investor Option $1,000.00 basic; $2,500.00 premium; $5,000.00 silver; 
    $10,000.00 gold; $20,000 platinum 

I would like to thank you in advance for your review of my goal for the Miramare Senior Haven, a full-service day facility for the elderly and for your consideration of my support request and donation partnership. 


Olivia Robinson 

Founder and Owner of Ideal Choice Senior Care 

Would you like to donate? Click the link below.