Plan #1

Pay As You Go: (Designed for those who need one time service or same day hours. Pay for what you need as you go (2 hour minimum) Includes mileage up to a 10 mile radius.

We respectfully request payment at the time service is rendered $50.00 hour.

Plan #2

Monthly Customized Package: 
(The most popular)

10 hours = $35.00 per hour

15 hours = $30.00 per hour

20 hours = $25.00 per hour 


Pre-purchase monthly to get lower hourly rates

We will keep track of your usage

You can always add to your package at any time

Once your hours are used the rate goes back to base rate of $35

You will receive an invoice based on the agreed contract for services rendered and any reimbursable itemized receipts i.e. (grocery shopping, gift purchases etc.)

Reimbursable itemized receipts will be included with your invoice for reimbursement to Ideal Choice Senior Concierge.  Included on your invoice will be a breakdown of your billable hours and any third party services

We have the right to refuse any service which we believe to be illegal or dangerous